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Cork, Ireland Retreat

Fall Retreat September 13th-26th 2019
- Revive your energy
- Renew your health
- Re-balance your mind and body
- Reward your soul

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Rebalance your energy

Enjoy a variety of exercise modalities, specially designed for you. Get energized with indoor or outdoor activities, relaxing yoga sessions, restful sleep, digital detox, and get grounded and connect with mother nature in the calm quite gardens of Lakemound Cottage.

Indulge your palette

Enjoy organic meals prepared for you daily using locally sourced ingredients by our chef Dora. Learn how to prepare and cook meals that not only taste amazing, but are easy to prepare and full of all the nutrients that provides your body with energy and vitality.


Take road less traveled

Experience the magic! Explore the beauty and culture of Cork with daily tours by our local private tour guide and chauffeur. Experience the hidden gems that will capture your heart and leave you yearning for more.

A place where magic happens...

Along with Mary, Dora and Conor, guests will not only experience the beauty and culture of Cork, but more importantly explore who they are themselves. Mary's team of wellness coaches will take care of guests from dawn to dusk. Visit sights such as Blarney Castle,  moonlight kayaking at Lough Hyne, beach time at Barley Cove, and high tea at Bantry House.

Days begin with onsite private fitness or pilates class followed by a healthy breakfast. Morning discussion sessions include topics such as “How to Stay Confident, Positive and Sexy as You Age”, “Easy Cooking Tricks and Tips for the Busy Woman", and "Detox of Mind, Body and Soul". Afternoons,  professional driver/tour guide Conor will pick you up for fun filled explorations. Visiting the local Art Center, the Spa, beach time or Farmer’s Market. Most evening meals will be spent with delightful dinners created by your onsite chef Dora. To unwind the days end, Mary will guide you through mindful yoga and prepare you for a restful night’s sleep where your dreams will come true.


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