Circuit Training


Q. What Is A Circuit Workout?

A. The Circuit Workout is a fast, fun, and safe fitness program that combines both strength and cardiovascular workouts in 30-minutes. It is an interval circuit-training program that quickly changes your body shape. The workout utilizes hydraulic resistance that matches the effort of the user. In 30 minutes you have worked every muscle group with none of the soreness.

Q. How Does It Work?

A. It works on a work/rest principle alternating between exercise on the hydraulic strength machines and recovery on aerobic stations such as running boards between each machine. The time spent (interval) on each station is usually I minute.

Q. What Results Can I Expect?

A. Cardiovascular endurance and muscle toning. The major benefit will be inches lost. You will strengthen and tone muscles while burning calories. You will feel better, have more energy, and look better quickly and safely.

Q. Who Can Benefit From This Type Of Workout?

A 1) Women who have limited time but want a full work-out.
2) For women who need to maintain bone density or fight osteoporosis.
3) Women who prefer “women only” fitness centers.
4) Women who are intimidated by large clubs.
5) De-conditioned as well as conditioned women of all ages.
6) Women who enjoy meeting people and making new friends.

Q. I Never Worked Out Before. Can I do it?

A. Of course! This is a workout that is suitable for any fitness level and any age group. It is safe because it automatically adapts the resistance to match your effort level. The faster or harder you push, the more the resistance. As you fatigue during the exercise, the resistance decreases automatically.

Q. Will I Get Sore Muscles?

A. No. You will be using hydraulic resistance, there is no “negative” (lowering of weight) resistance which is what causes muscle soreness.

Q. Will I Get “Big” Muscles?

A. No. For the same reason you will not be sore; there is no negative or eccentric resistance with our machines (which is needed to build larger muscles). What you will notice are stronger, leaner, more toned muscles. The nice benefit of stronger muscles is an increase in your resting metabolism, which means you will be burning more calories during everyday activities long after you leave the gym.

Q. How Is This Workout Different From Lifting Weights ?

A. Everybody knows that lifting weights will get you stronger. But lifting weights does not burn fat or improve aerobic fitness. Our workout does all three at the same time. It quickly changes the overall shape of your body by burning fat and increasing lean body weight. This workout also strengthens the most important muscle of all, your heart.

Q. Will I Lose Weight ?
A. Yes and No. You will burn body fat faster than any other 30-minute workout; however, as you increase your muscle strength, you may gain a pound or two of muscle weight (muscle weight is more dense pound for pound that fat is) so you will quickly change your body composition and lose inches.

Q. How does this workout burn fat faster than any other 30- minute workout ?

A. It burns fat in three ways;
1) You burn more calories during your workout. Each machine works two major muscle groups, thereby utilizing more muscle mass and burning more calories
2) You burn more calories following your workout; your body’s metabolism stays higher longer.
3) You will increase lean body weight and metabolism. A pound of muscle will burn about 50 calories per day more than a pound of fat.

Q.Why does this workout have the “in-between” stations ?

A. They serve two purposes:
1) For people pushing hard on the hydraulic machines, they act as “rest” stations and allow the user’s heart rate to lower into their target zone.
2) For people not pushing quite as hard, they act as aerobic stations and elevate the heart rate up into their target zone.
The interval format of work/rest burns calories efficiently and eliminates boredom.

Q. How many calories will I burn ?

A. Research shows that a 30-minute workout burns between 350-900 calories depending on the fitness level of the exerciser and the intensity of the workout. As you progress and get stronger, you will burn off more calories each workout.

Q. Is there research to back up these theories ?

A. Yes. The use of hydraulic equipment in a circuit format as a successful workout is the result of over 25 years of research by noted exercise physiologists, therapists and fitness experts from around the world.

Q. Is this workout safe for all age groups ?

A. Yes. Because of the double-positive nature of hydraulic resistance there is no fixed load against the muscle or skeletal systems. It is safe, fun and effective for all ages from teens to seniors.

Q. How often should I workout ?

A. Three days a week for optimal results is all that is necessary. If you want to workout on consecutive days you can add alternate routines to your workout week. Ask a trainer for more information.